[9.2] Hangar WG bday

Beautiful hangar is designed specifically for the 16th anniversary of Wargaming. By installing this mod your tank will be at a huge military base.


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Mod replaces as premiumnyh and basic hangars. Hangar is compatible with the update 0.9.2


How to install:

Unpack the archive into a subfolder res_mods \ 9.2


WG bday (58 MB)

2 thoughts on “[9.2] Hangar WG bday”

  1. AL says:

    After the anniversary, would this mod change?
    or does it have expire? or not?

  2. Joshua says:

    I installed this hangar and it looks great. However, noticed that there are no moving jeeps or airplanes (one takes off, one drives around background hangar). Am I missing some file or setting?

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