[1.0.1] Sight Warrior for World of Tanks

Sight Warrior – has only a set of the most necessary modifications during the battle.

The sight Warrior uses only the most necessary and essential qualities during the battle:

– Color – bright green, which will be visible on all types of maps.

– A circle of information that will inform you about its ready (it will flash green).

– Good thing for players is the testimony of the enemy armor. This feature is present here. Different colors will inform you about the reservation  level and result of your shot. For example, red means that armor is too thick and your shot will not effect, green – your shot will be successful, yellow – damage.

– On the screen will be shown information about weapons charge and the distance to the target.
– Nickname your enemy
Generally all set for classic, successful and efficient game.


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Sight Warrior (300 MB)

2 thoughts on “[1.0.1] Sight Warrior for World of Tanks”

  1. Pierc says:

    Doesnt work properly I dont get the sight as seen on the pictures

  2. Gabe says:

    does it come in English as i don’t see English in the examples and nothing is said about the languges

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