[] Hitlog Announcer (No XVM)

On our site already presents various logs damage, which show information about your progress in real time. Today we present one of the most complete version of this modification. Besides, this mod works without XVM, which means that it will not lower the FPS.
Author: Dark_Knight_MiX

How to install:



HitlogAnnounce (2 MB)

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  1. I translated this mod into English but I don’t know what ShellClass means. Could someone speaking Russian please translate these for me – I know google can do it but I don’t know what each of those stands for, example ОФ=OF but what is OF (AP, HE, APCR etc.)?

    “1”: “ББ”,
    “2”: “БП”,
    “3”: “ОФ”,
    “4”: “КС”,
    “5”: “БП”,
    “6”: “БФ”

  2. “1”: “AP” – Armor Piercing
    “2”: “APCR” – Armor Piercing Composite Rigid
    “3”: “HE” – High Explosive
    “4”: “HE” – Premium High Explosive
    “5”: “HEAT” – High Explosive Anti-Tank
    “6”: “HESH” – High Explosive Squash Head

  3. I’ve translated the text in the json file and saved it of course but in-game nothing changes, it is still in Russian. Any help?

    1. 1.Close the game
      2.Enter the folder where you unziped
      3.Find the json file
      4.Edit with Notepad ++ and save.
      5.Paste the file over that one on the res_mod folder.
      6. Enter the game. It will work fine.

      7. Optionally put ‘{PlayerName}’ at the end of line on big pannel to write the name of players you hit.
      “… align=’baseline’ vspace=’-8′>{KilledText}{PlayerName}” “

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