[9.17.1] Show any tank in Hangar (ShowVehicle)

Hello everyone,

With this mode you will be able to see anyone, not even researched the tank in the hangar. Author: The_IzeBerg

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How To install:

Download mod and unpack it.

Folders “gui” and “scripts” put here: WoT/res_mods/


ShowVehicle (47 Kb)

9 Replies to “[9.17.1] Show any tank in Hangar (ShowVehicle)”

  1. Nice mod and helpful for skinning tanks.
    Is it possible to make funktion which allows to show tank with the different turrets and guns ?
    If would be very helpful skinning tanks, that i dont own.

  2. In my download there’s only the scripts folder, if i install it, i can see all premium tanks in the tech tree, but i cant show any tank in garage, the option is always blurred out.

    send help pls

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