[9.17.1] Show any tank in Hangar (ShowVehicle)

Hello everyone,

With this mode you will be able to see anyone, not even researched the tank in the hangar. Author: The_IzeBerg

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How To install:

Download mod and unpack it.

Folders “gui” and “scripts” put here: WoT/res_mods/


ShowVehicle (47 Kb)

9 thoughts on “[9.17.1] Show any tank in Hangar (ShowVehicle)”

  1. ultima_oculis says:

    Very good mod, easy to install and so far no problems, i give it 5 star.

  2. Celine_Fion says:

    But JagdTiger_SdKfz_185 missing!

  3. Mr. Blue Sky says:

    Nice mod and helpful for skinning tanks.
    Is it possible to make funktion which allows to show tank with the different turrets and guns ?
    If would be very helpful skinning tanks, that i dont own.

  4. Mr. Blue Sky says:

    Hey. Can you pls update on ?

  5. sam_ronny says:

    thes mod not work on and no ( gui ) folder T.T

  6. Mr. Blue Sky says:

    same.. does not work

  7. Dr.Eisenhauer says:

    In my download there’s only the scripts folder, if i install it, i can see all premium tanks in the tech tree, but i cant show any tank in garage, the option is always blurred out.

    send help pls

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