[9.15.1] Damage Panel w/ Angle Indicator + HitLog

Meet the combined damage panel  which includes the most popular modifications: w / Angle Indicator, HitLog, Center CTRL Repair and Repair Timer.  All mods combined into one panel author of Solo Modpacks .



ыщдщ3Pop-Up Messages

In the archive you can find different versions of  damage panel.
Select, download and install.


Download the archive and extract.
Install the font “DamageLog.otf” from the first folder

Choose one of the damage panels and extract it to the root of the game.


DamagePanel_9.15.1a(1 mb)

14 Replies to “[9.15.1] Damage Panel w/ Angle Indicator + HitLog”

  1. This is a great mod but i really want to know how can I make the red damage indicator that pops above the shell menu a bit smaller. Thank you!

      1. hitlog for damage received, round type and by which vehicle is only included.

        For counter of dealt damage, you need xvm and the various configs to show in details who you hit.

        This mod does not require XVM, works with the default XVM mod properly but some XVM modpacks will disable this damage panel for some reason.

        Technically, it worked as intended until you try to patch it over some other modpack.

    1. Apologies, badly written question.

      Two enemey tanks E100 spotted, E75 unspotted.
      Both shoot my tank.
      Can the hitlog display BOTH the damage taken, both types of shell used, BUT only name the E100, and NOT the E75?

  2. I don’t have a file called DamageLog.otf. I’ve tried all files, none of which were able to be identified as fonts.

  3. OK , I ‘ll play the game, your instructions make no sense at all for anyone who has not done mods before.
    Could you try again and assume the person reading it has never done it before ?

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