[9.8] WoT ModPack by Ch4iner + installer


ModPack from Ch4iner contains only the best and most useful modes. ModPak installed very easily. Simply download and run the installer.   Ch4iner done a great job, as reworked all configs for themselves. Overview of the assembly is a little lower.



XVM (my own config)
GambitER’s Damage Panel (my own config)
Multilined TankCarousel – only filters (daily, tiers, elite tanks)
My own tank icons

J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod
Hangar clock (my own config)
Sixth Sense sound
Multilined TankCarousel – 2-lined tank carousel, one more filter (premium tanks)
No Scroll Mod


How to install:

Download and run the installer
Select the installation language
Follow the instructions of the installer


cwm- Torrent Link

cwm- Torrent Link

cwm- Torrent Link


Chainers-WoT-Mod- EN -installer (18 Mb)

Chainers-WoT-Mod- EN -Archive(11 Mb)

Chainers-WoT-Mod- CZ  – Archive(11Mb)

14 Replies to “[9.8] WoT ModPack by Ch4iner + installer”

    1. Derp… go to the XVM website… Derp.. and Read Derp what you need to do… Derp. Log in with your IGN Derp and well… Derp… google.com next time… Derp. Derp… DiDerp.

  1. I had to reinstall the game because there wasn’t any “fonts” folder to put the files that were supposed to go there. Thanks a lot.

  2. oh god.. it works pertect.. for the fonts folder: press windows key+F.. in search box , type fonts..
    find the windows fonts folder…. ( the original windows fonts folder itself…)
    god god..
    copy and paste them there,,,

  3. Version 9.2 When playing the game it”s difficult to read the team panels for vehicle model as the font is not bold enought its to small and overlaping the contour silhouette

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