[9.15.1] Team HP Pool Bar

Hello commanders!

Meet the small but very useful mod for World of Tanks The Mod keeps track of the current HP pools for both teams nearly in realtime. Author: locatan


Folder from the downloaded archive to put in \ World_of_Tanks \


TeamHpPools (0.1 Mb)

18 Replies to “[9.15.1] Team HP Pool Bar”

  1. Geht nicht mehr mit XVM-Aslain !!!!

    Schade !!!

    Die alte Version hatte mir auch besser gefallen,
    da man da auch selbst noch eigene Einstellungen vornehmen konnte.


    PS: Bitte anpassen. Danke !!!

  2. Doesn’t work in 1920-1080
    Or am I doing something wrong? I took it and moved it in at the right place and it doesn’t show. I can see some placeholder for it but the mod itself…. nope

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