[8.9] New hangar Interface by soulza


7c1b z4s1 0i74

Updates all interfaces in the hangar. It changes all the glossy panel. Some elements get blue tones.


The main changes:
With a gradient background window
Change color scales
The buttons become bright blue form, and some become glossier
Changing Tech Trees tanks.
New boot wheel in the form of a snowflake
The band tanks in the hangar glossy style



all you need to do is merge the flash folder with your own gui/flash folder
the vertical tec tree mod and the three rows of tanks in garage are included as well.
no fonts ,no scripts


soulzas-interface.rar (12 Mb)

One thought on “[8.9] New hangar Interface by soulza”

  1. PzSdt_Adler says:

    Hallo erst mal !!!

    Ich wollte mal fragen, ob das hier weitergeführt werden kann,
    da ich diese Farben viel besser finde, als den normalen Standard.

    ThX und MfG

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