[] MODPACK World of Tanks by channel «PROTanki»


Hello, everyone!
Especially for the subscribers and all those who love to play with comfort and optimal settings World Tanks laid out MOD PACK from Russian YouTube channel PROTanki! Update: 23.08.2019

Date of updateAugust 6th, 2019
Actual for the patch1.6.0
Current version78
Size72 MB

Mod list:

  1. Replace the standard sights!
  2. A summary of the enemy tank
  3. Advanced tips for skills tank crew
  4. Damage panel
  5. NoBinoculars – Disable dimming sniper scope
  6. Mod, which removes the fog on the map.
  7. The commander Camera: Zoom, ZoomX, NoScroll
  8. White remains of cars.
  9. White Dead Tanks.
  10. Accurate Damage Indicator
  11. Clock in the hangar.
  12. XVM: eXtended Visualisation Mod
  13. Mod to increase the time the glow bulb “The Sixth Sense” to 10 seconds.
  14. Voice for bulb “The Sixth Sense”!
  15. Added manager replays.
  16. Ability to customize the config XVM
  17. Added WoT Tank Viewer.
  18. Custom menu for fighting World of Tanks
  19. Mod with angles traverse for tanks without a tower.
  20. Mod with detailed statistics for the game session. Including the number of frags.
  21. Mod to disable the screen saver when you start the game.
  22. Radial Menu Editor
  23. added mod to raise the FPS.
  24. Mod YasenKrasen .
  25. tanks at two or three rows.
  26. The contour skin tanks constricted by 25%.
  27. urn off labels and camouflage on tanks.
  28. Color icons tanks in the ears.
  29. the soul flies away tanks.
  30. “Alarm bells” crit.
  31. Vertical tree research tanks.

Video: MOD PACK – World of Tanks


ModPack ProTanki Base (101MB)

82 Replies to “[] MODPACK World of Tanks by channel «PROTanki»”

  1. Hi and thank you for the hint! I installed this, but unfortunately it changes the text also in Russsian and deletes all previous folders. How can I switch back to English and revert to the previous XVM settings? Thank you for your answer!

    1. Hi, ty for the great modpack. Just one thing bugs me….i chose the mjölnir sight for artillery and the text is in russian (just for artillery). How can i change it to english?


  2. Try use the XVM updater, download it, but click the options for ‘Show Chances’ and ‘Keep old config’. Dunno if that’ll help, but it may.

  3. How do i reach settings for this mod???

    I installed the double row tank carousel in the hangar, i want to go back to the single tank carousel… any ideas?
    thx much

  4. Доброго дня!Подскажите у кого вообще показываются шкурки с мода!?Или надо их отдельно скачать?Имеется ввиду шкурки для эстета! версия 0.9.7.

  5. So I keep getting this message in game telling me to check this out because I have a mod from another mod pack thats from this one and if I want to keep it up to date and what not. Use this one or give it a look see and maybe you will like it….. Ok Ill bite lets take a look see… The message I get is in English as I play on the NA server I go to check it out hit some youtube channel thats all in Russian. I would love to check the mod pack out always looking for something new to add to what I have or might be better then something I have. But if your going to send me a message in English twice a day could lest bring me to a English server or one that can be translated easy and a mod pack thats in English as well so we can lest get it installed or even see whats in it.

  6. Mod “safe shot” (safety latch; Предохранитель) – who invented that nonsense with toggling safe shot on/of with alt?
    So, if I try to look at the alternative OTM, my safe shot is gone and i can forget that in the middle of the battle.

    Found a solution, but I am writing here in hope that it will be changed in mod pack as well.

    For those who do not want to wait, here it is:
    Find your game folder and then this file: [..]\World_of_Tanks\res_mods.9.8.1\scripts\client\mods\ProSafeShot.ptc
    Open it in some editor (Notepad++ I used) and change value of “toggledDisableKey” from true to false. Save it and that’s it.

  7. The shooting sound is dull in comparison to that of War thunder sound.
    After sound mod was changed with War thund sound mod ,the game was not progressed.

  8. Getting a thing in tanks that tells me Im using a mod from tanki, well NO im not and because of what I read here I’m not about to try it. If you want english speaking ppl to use it then it should ALL be in english. Other reason I wont use it is because of the pop up that shows in my tanks. Stop messing with MY game. How RUDE of you’s.

  9. Got that msg yet again, each time I get it I will be here to say, take that msg away lol
    I dont want to install protanki and I never will because of that msg that you’s keep putting on MY tanks screen. All it does is make me dislike protankin which I would think is the opposite of what you’s are wanting.

  10. Танки Pro Здравствуйте, я хотел бы спросить, если вы можете , пожалуйста, поставить этот мод в следующем обновлении ? (world of tanks Battle Assistant) [ARTY]

  11. Sorry for the “OFF”, but in this version there is no “2 or 3 tank rows” and no selection for the mini-map… :/

  12. hey… I’m very disapointet of pro tanki this time, sincer 2 years i have use it but after this last update no more, no panal damage, no xvm and loots of other thing, it was the best mood for wot :(( hope u do soon one new mod update and can use it soon.

  13. Hi! I’m loving this modpack, but I’m having trouble with the HP bar. I started using the one that appears at the bottom of each player’s nickname and it works just fine. But now I tried to install the new version again but with the bigger HP bars which are “inside” the player’s nickname area, and it still shows the other one I was using. How can I fix that?

  14. idiots, idiots,idiots !!!! if in the instaling menu i chose english why the hell all ingame setting and info are in russian ? i dont want to see russian , i dont need russian , go fuk youreself with that language !

  15. Can i chance to show the name players on minimap?
    Press ALT to show?
    And what file can i edit?

  16. buena alguien me puede decir como instalo o si en este mod trae el mod que es parte de la miras que lleva forma de una cruz y de cuando el cañon esta recargado esta en verde y cuando recarga es en rojo es la que usa lacho wot es sus video por favor alguien me puede decir donde la encuentro

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  18. This is indeed a great modpack that only lacks 1 thing for perfection… English! Hope thats possible! 🙂
    Thanks in advance

  19. We use Asian server.
    Using the version 919.1.2 version mode will not start the battle.
    After selecting a tank in the garage, press Start to stop loading.
    Person who respect your mode. I’m always using it well.
    Thank you very much.

  20. Help!!!!!!! Connection to the server has been interrupted Reason: unsynchonization of components related to “Vehicles” (1001)
    pls help

  21. hello! i use this mod very long time and its very good but this version (update) put me out of the game,and then dont let me in again until finish the match.
    Please if you can check it…!!!
    Thank you…

  22. why 9.21 not working I m downloaded 3 times but not working just simple things like wn8 was yestrday 1077 and today wn8 is 550 and nothing in garage ,appsolutly nothing

  23. version 67 of the mode is not working for me….. garage stay frozen…. i cant use barack store….. cant see tank carusel… is just frozen…..

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  25. Version in RAR or ZIP would be apppreciated as I don’t need all mods and exe is always dangerous anyway.

  26. Do NOT install it all, you idiots. Just take a few useful mods like damage panel, zoom, etc. Instaling all will destroy your WoT settings, folders, language, etc.

    1. As I wrote long ago- RAR or ZIP is needed for that. NOBODY will risk his computer instaling from exe even if safe but too many mods totally useless.

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