[9.20.1] Korean Random Weakspot Skins. Shaded (+ zoom)


Compatible with the version of the client:
Tanks counts: 173

UPDATE: 18.10.2017

– Adapting to the client version

Another version of Weakspot / Hit Zones Skins from Lemon96 – The shaded skins with marked areas penetration. This version differs from the contour skins, more intense coloring tanks. Here, all the weaknesses of tanks just hatched, so get on them is even easier. Author: Kodoku, Shotter, Lemon96, andi_fireman\Dendyt , Vadila_Carl



Heavy Tanks: KV-1, KV-1S, KV-2, KV-220(T), KV-3, KV-4, KV-5, IS, IS-3, IS-4, IS-6, IS-8, ST-1, T-150, Churchill III;
Medium tanks: A-43, Matilda IV, KV-13, T-34, T-34-85, T-43, T-44, T-54, T-62A;
Tank destroyers: ISU-152, Object 268, Object 263, Object 704, SU-85, SU-100, SU-100M1, SU-101, SU-122-54, SU-122-44; SU-152;
Light Tanks: Valentine II;
SPG (Arty): Object 212, Object 261, SU-14.


Heavy Tanks: M48A1, M6, M6A2E1, M103, T1 Heavy, T14, Т29, T32, Т34, T57 Heavy, T110E5;
Medium tanks: М26 Pershing, М46 Patton, M4A3E2, M4A3E8 Sherman, Ram II, SuperPershing, T20, T54E1, T69;
Tank destroyers: T18, T25 AT, T25\2, Т28, Т28 Prototype, Т30, Т95, T110E3, T110E4;
Light Tanks: Chaffee, T71;
SPG (Arty): M12, M40/43, T92;


Heavy Tanks: E-75, E-100, Lowe, Мaus, Tiger, Tiger P, Tiger II, VK3001(H), VK3601(H), VK 4502(A), VK 4502(P);
Medium tanks: Е-50, E50 Ausf. M, Indien Panzer, Leopard 1, Leopard PT A, Panther II, Panther, Pz III/IV, Pz IV, PzKpfw IV-V, T-25, VK3001D, VK3002DB, VK3001(Р);
Tank destroyers: Dicker Max, Ferdinand, JagdPz IV, JagdPanther, JagdPanter II, JagdPz E-100, JagdTiger, JagdTiger 8,8 cm, StuG III;
Light Tanks: Pz.38H 735 (f) (Hotchkiss), VK2801,
SPG (Arty): GW Panther, GW Tiger, GW E.


Heavy Tanks:  AMX M4 (1945), AMX 50 100, AMX 50 120, AMX 50 B, ARL 44, B1, BDR G1B, FCM 50t;
Medium tanks:Bat-Chatillon 25t, Lorraine 40t;
Tank destroyers: AMX Ac Mle 1946, AMX AC Mle 1948, AMX50 Foch, AMX Foch 155;
Light Tanks: AMX 13 90, AMX 38, AMX40, Hotchkiss H35;
SPG (Arty): Lorr. 155 51,Lorr. 155 50,Bat.Chat. 155;


Heavy Tanks:  110, 113, IS-2, WZ-111-4;
Medium tanks: Type T-34, T34-1, T34-2, T34-3,Type 58, Type 59, WZ-120, WZ-121;
Light Tanks:  Type 62, WZ-131, WZ-132;

Great Britain:
Heavy Tanks:  Black Prince, Caernarvon, Churchill I, Churchill VII, Conqueror, FV215b;
Medium tanks: Matilda Black Prince, Comet, Centurion, Centurion 7/1, FV4202;
Tank destroyers: AT 2, AT 7, AT 8, AT 15, Chuchill Gun Carrier, FV215b 183, Tourtoise;



Download and unzip the file
Copy the files to your World of Tanks/res_mods/0.9.18/ folder.


 Korean Random 9.20.1 (556 MB)

202 Replies to “[9.20.1] Korean Random Weakspot Skins. Shaded (+ zoom)”

    1. Green: Engine
      Violet: Ammo Rack
      Red: Weak point (easy pen)
      White Stripe on Barrel: Upgraded Gun
      Yellow Icons: Crew (icon depends on crew type)
      Blue: Fuel Tank

    2. purple=week armour
      aquamarine=week armour, but harder to penetrate like purple
      dark blue=drivers hatch
      white=ammo rack

    3. the new HD Tanks in 9.2 (all German, all USA over level 7 ) no compatible with this mod! This make me no happy!

    4. Is there way combine both zoom in and zoom out skins together, as I can use only one at once. My memory is bad so I like both types. Thank you for nice mod

  1. IIRC, green is engine, blue fuel tank, purple ammo rack. Red is easy to pen area. The yellow markers are for driver, gunner etc.

    1. Go to the folder where you saved the game. Find Res_mod->0.8.11
      Then Copy the “vehicles” from the download folder and paste it in the 0.8.11 folder.

      Let me know if it worked for you.

  2. Si vous télécharger le mod en compresser, les parties colorier seront flous, pour quels ne sont pas flous télécharger le mod en entier.


    If you download the mod compress, coloring parts will be blurred, for which are not blurred download the full mod.


    Wenn Sie die Kompresse Mod herunterladen, wird Färbung Teile unscharf werden, für die nicht verwischt Download die volle mod.

  3. didnt work for me ;/
    puted it corectly in (…)/res_mods/0.9.0/
    can anyone tell me what to do to make it working?

  4. Don’t bother with this in 9.0, does not work at all. They changed the texturing setup completely with the new version.

  5. Looks like the link is not correct, listed as v0.9.0.63_skins_andi_fireman(dendyt)_shaded_zoom.zip but downloads a v0.8.9.63….

  6. Lo he descargado pero no aparece al momento del juego. Lo descargué, lo decomprimí, lo pequé en resmod 0.9.0 , también en 0.8.11 y nada ¿Qué puedo hacer para que funcione? Por favor responderme.

  7. Hi
    When when download via the link, it’s version and not

    Is there any error of the file ?
    Thanks for ur reply

  8. Alot of zit zones on tanks doesn’t work because wot developers upgraded graphic on many tanks in game, and mod creators didn’t update it for those new textures, that’s why you can’t see hit zones on many tanks eventhough you installed them correctly.

  9. Great work m8 🙂 Question for ya. In patch 8.11 worked fine. In patch 9.0 skins only work on some tanks now. When will be update for fix?

  10. Please fix this, tried to rename to _AM all .dds files now tanks who had zones doesn’t, others have some, but not all very few

  11. shoot4fun says:
    April 21, 2014 at 10:55 am
    It works, just rename every .dds file to _AM.dds
    so T30.dds becomes T30_AM.dds

    Thank you ! it is working

  12. It´s not working, only couple of tanks are working, others nada. Any update coming? I try that _AM.dds with EAZY8 and nothing happened but IS-7 it worked. Nice quality when it works. I hope developers proceed with this helpfull learning mod production.

    keep it real and live

    jAAn eS

  13. I found a slightly newer verison and have placed it on my download server it includes 173 tanks opposed to the 165 in the one above. In my testing all skins arn’t working on either pack for example the KV-1S doesn’t work.

    Download: http://misc.pcjamesy.net/tanks/v0.8.11.67_skins_dendyt_shaded.zip
    (Side note to the admin: You can fell free to link to this in your post, users seam to be having alot faster downloads from mine. This is likely due to that your server is in Ukraine and people are downloading from the other side of the world)

    Thanks for the site, and enjoy.

  14. Many skins doesn’t work. I think this is not, or not full 9.0. Please rework it or do something with it.

    Thank you

  15. hi, this is work for some tanks. but doesn’t work for some tank too. i.e is, is-3, is-6 not shown the weakspot

  16. i installed it and it worked on most of the tanks, it did’t work on the tanks that i think are HD, my M103 and is7.

  17. I would love to use this but it just doesn’t work. Only some tanks and not enough to be effective. I tried the _am thing and that doesnt work either… Fix this…

  18. Works AWESOME! Obviously, not all the tanks work, as its probably quite a bit of work to get them all done, but its a great start. Make sure you unzip the files in the res_mods.9.0 folder. Someone said its cheating, but when you actually find an enemy tank with the overlay on it, its still pretty hard to hit certain spots with the tank moving around so much. Just fire, and hope for the best. If your in sniper mode, then I agree it can be advantageous, however plants and trees stil block you from seeing what you’re actually hitting. You still only have the red outline.

    Hope this helps,

  19. Hi
    Can You please make hitzones only with FUEL TANK? Becouse all other hit zones are useless. Its much easier and faster to burn fuel tank than damage ammo, engine or kill driver. When tank burn it lose HP imeddiatelly. Anything else can be repair fast without losing any HP.

  20. Putting this into my game very few tanks had the skin on it, am i missing something? i am going to try another similar mod

  21. Hi, how are u?, first thanks for this skins!!!:.

    But i have a problem, the skins are working, but not on the tiger, and i dont know if is not working in other tanks.

    Maybe it would be great to give easyer information about where to unzip the files, and inside what directory.

  22. OK, now, I get just one simple question: HOW DO I MAKE THIS WORK???
    On 9.2.
    It was working great on 9.0 and 9.1 but it wont work on 9.2, and I dont know why…
    Where should I unzip, or I doing something else wrong. Pls help

  23. IS skin was changed… so the korean skin doesnt apply to it anymore… may you found out already too.. pls fix it in 9.3 atleast

  24. the post says updated 23.09.2014

    But all the files says not updated… So is it updated ? i tried downloading it before and it didn’t work ?

    I copied the folders to res_mods/0.9.2/

    nothing worked, and there’s no 0.9.3 folder ! ?

    Any help that can be provided is highly appreciated folks !


  25. This is a great tip particularly to those fresh
    to the blogosphere. Brief but very accurate info… Thank
    you for sharing this one. A must read post!

    1. and you didnt mark tiger II’s front weakness including mg and that 2 “handle” at the top of front hull I mean how would a noob lv6/7 player fight against tigerII when he/she face a tigerII covered its dlck?
      another example, you didnt mark many tanks’s leading wheel
      I saw most of your tanks’s weakness skin and 85% of them are not weakness but configuration area — that would mislead the noobs

  26. I’m not having issues with 8.1, it works fine there. Problem I think is with the HD models for the tanks the shading only works for about 25% of the tanks.

  27. Yes it works with the latest 9.4 as of Nov 15,2014. I did the 320mb file. Unzip it to a temp folder, open it copy the “vehicles” folder, and paste it into the 0.9.4 folder in res_mods. Not a game changer, but it can help you to learn where the weak points of some tanks are.

  28. 씨발새끼들아 한국말로해라…이기 말이통해야 버튼을 누르던지 말던지…에고..내…가.. 또 뛰던지..해야지.. 답답하노..

  29. What is the correct folder to install these into? I cannot seem to find the instructions? I also see that they don’t appear to work for 9.5?

  30. I can understand it not being done for alot of the lower tiers, but is it for heavy tanks only? It doesn’t seem to have anything for some TD’s like the T7 Jagdpanther

  31. I dont have every listed tank, for exampel USSR:
    Heavy Tanks: KV-1, KV-1S, The KV-1 are shaped but not the KV1-S

  32. I dont get it.

    Download and unzip the file
    Copy the files to your World of Tanks/res_mods/0.9.5 folder.

    skins_andi_fireman(dendyt)_shaded_zoom.zip (312 Mb)
    skins shaded (320 Mb)
    Shaded skins compressed 25% (19 Mb) ”

    What file (you mean all three fileS)?
    Why does the torrent take up 2.91 gb?

    1. I actually have the same question, don’t really get which of 3 to download, and why does the torrent version looks so different ?

    1. After you download it you have to unzip it. They were zip files before, now they are making the rar files. So you may need a program like winrar to unzip. Take all the unzipped files and move them into the 0.9.6 folder under res_mods. The full path depends on where you installed the game. Mine is installed here:
      c:\games\World of Tanks\res_mods.9.6

      Don’t know the difference between the different downloads. I downloaded the first one.

  33. Guys a table with color scheme would be nice. I´ve seen some posts with tables near the start of the topic but they don´t seem to add up.

    Any1, please?

    1. Red – zones penetration.
      Pink – ammo rack.
      Green – power plant.
      Blue – nternal fuel tanks.
      Yellow – crew.
      White – top gun.

  34. the shaded skins not working on all tank …T26e4 , E100, Is7 and many other its not showing on them none not a zone marked.
    Any fix for it ???

  35. Can you please change your site to explain the differences between the 4 different downloads.

    v0.9.10.74_skins_dendyt_shaded_hd.zip (190 Mb)
    v0.9.10.74_skins_dendyt_shaded_zoom_hd.zip (190 Mb)
    v0.9.10.74_skins_dendyt_shaded (60 Mb)
    v0.9.10.74_skins_dendyt_shaded_zoom (60 Mb)

    And for good sake, just add a list of what the colors mean instead of relying on people’s comments.

    1. Have you read the names of those files? If you did you should get an idea that half of them are in HD, now if you’ve watched the attached video you can deduce that half of them work when zoomed half of them not.
      How about checking what’s given first and then complain?
      You know, thinking is a pretty useful skill

  36. No, regrettably as soon as the voucher has actually been gone ijto inn the system, it could
    not be utilized once again, under any sort of conditions!

  37. Hey, nice mod!
    Can I resize the HD skins to SD skins to make it work?
    I am currently using SD now but it does not have all tanks like the HD-Skin pack.

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  39. It’s not work, i tried it many times. It’s just fake download, possible virus inside. don’t download it and please delete this shit from site! all positive comments are fake also.

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    1. 2 questions/comments:
      Downloaded, no problems, installed np, doesn´t work…
      Does it not work for HD?
      Should it still be installed under res_mods/0.9.16/vehicles?

      Sounds like a really nice mod, so… 🙂

  41. Piece of crap. Doesn’t do anything for most tanks out there. I see it on maybe 10% of the tanks I come across. Conflicts with camo. Not worth the download.

  42. Hi,
    thanks for sharing this great post i have been reading many blogs but they way of your explanation clear the full concept im really amazed thanks for sharing this great article keep writing great stuff i will be back soon for reading more stuff from you.

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