9.7 | Deegies + MeltyMap’s + Zoom + Damage Panel

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Combining two of the best sights – Deegie’s and Melty for World of Tanks 0.9.7. Author: tanksmod.com



– Sight for the arty
– Swivel range indicator for td and arty in gui and minimap
– Target armor in current aim
– Player tank gun penetration in correct distance
– Target armor arc and penetration possibility
– 32x zoom
– Camera zoom mod
– Damage indicator
– The distance to the target
– Time of the projectile
– Modified damage panel
– Damage-Log


Download and unzip the file
Copy the files to your /World of Tanks/ folder.


res_mods (1.3 mb)

17 thoughts on “9.7 | Deegies + MeltyMap’s + Zoom + Damage Panel”

  1. Intz str says:

    very useful mod but pls tell me how I can remove Swivel range indicator for td and arty ?

  2. ASDF says:

    some of the tank’s penetration values are off.

    it says on my panther/m10 that the regular pen is 276.


    1. GannMan says:

      i think it displays effective pen, so it counts the distance and such

      1. Chris says:

        No, it’s not that. Effective pen cannot be higher than nominal, can it? It only decreases with distance. So the 75mm gun on the Panther/M10 cannot have 276 pen. I’ve got the same problem with my E-25, it show significantly higher pen.

  3. Costin Dãnãilã says:

    very nice…very good…but my Fps drop at 13-20 from 60 70 fps…please solve this little bug

  4. Dirian says:

    update for 8.10 ? I really like this gj

  5. morfejus says:

    Please make this for the 8.11 update! i cant play anymore! 🙁

  6. KrashDown says:

    Need the update for 8.11, please make it ! :s

  7. smmoki says:

    Just delete the script . for a moment you can play the game. when he fixe that.

  8. Dirian says:

    it is very good I hope for an update to 8.11.

    very good work on that.

  9. Kurt says:

    This is the best for me. Is it ready for 8.11??

  10. Calblou says:

    est ce que ca marche pour la 8.11 ?

  11. Dan says:

    can it run with XVM?

  12. Johny says:

    why is my crosshair at the left side 🙁

  13. jay says:

    is there support for english, it would appear parts of this mod appear in russian? only notice it when some one hits me rest is in english though

  14. Assllaaaino says:

    It has a bug in sniper mode when aiming it does not shows any cross on middle marker, pls repair it

  15. Netnutz says:

    FYI, 9.8 this is broke for the MacWrapper. You can get to the garage and the battleground load screen, but wot quits after the fill-up bar loads. This is the only mod pack i have installed at all. Once I removed this mod pack from the 9.8 RES_MODS folder game went back to working normally, so i suspect some UI element in 9.8 broke this mod pack. Thx looking forward to a fix soon, as i love this pack!

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