9.7 | Deegies + MeltyMap’s + Zoom + Damage Panel

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Combining two of the best sights – Deegie’s and Melty for World of Tanks 0.9.7. Author: tanksmod.com



– Sight for the arty
– Swivel range indicator for td and arty in gui and minimap
– Target armor in current aim
– Player tank gun penetration in correct distance
– Target armor arc and penetration possibility
– 32x zoom
– Camera zoom mod
– Damage indicator
– The distance to the target
– Time of the projectile
– Modified damage panel
– Damage-Log


Download and unzip the file
Copy the files to your /World of Tanks/ folder.


res_mods (1.3 mb)

17 Replies to “9.7 | Deegies + MeltyMap’s + Zoom + Damage Panel”

      1. No, it’s not that. Effective pen cannot be higher than nominal, can it? It only decreases with distance. So the 75mm gun on the Panther/M10 cannot have 276 pen. I’ve got the same problem with my E-25, it show significantly higher pen.

  1. is there support for english, it would appear parts of this mod appear in russian? only notice it when some one hits me rest is in english though

  2. FYI, 9.8 this is broke for the MacWrapper. You can get to the garage and the battleground load screen, but wot quits after the fill-up bar loads. This is the only mod pack i have installed at all. Once I removed this mod pack from the 9.8 RES_MODS folder game went back to working normally, so i suspect some UI element in 9.8 broke this mod pack. Thx looking forward to a fix soon, as i love this pack!

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