[1.0] Benoz’s XVM Config + mod v.1 for WoT

A small but very useful XVM MOD to World of Tanks 1.0.0. Author: Beonz. Update: 24.03.2018



Warning: Possible Errors!

Mod list:

1. J1mb0’s Crosshair
2. Zoom Out
3. Benoz XVM Config
4. Hitlog
5. Damage Log (next to Damage Panel)
6. Nice Over Target Marks
7. Clean Stats Display




Place the folder “res_mods” this way: \World_of_Tanks \

Visit the official site of the XVM:  http://www.modxvm.com/

Enter the login and password of your Wargaming account

Take the following steps:




Benoz XVM Mod 1.0 (9 Mb)

42 Replies to “[1.0] Benoz’s XVM Config + mod v.1 for WoT”

  1. The video Shows cool sights with extra info next to the tank which is not in the mod and neat female crew members which is also not available in game. It looked really promising too. Too bad. I dumped it for Grandpa’s .

  2. so down loaded your mod pack and every thing works great but got this pink box in my middle of my cross heier says PH in black letters how do you remove this?

  3. Love Benoz’s mod pack, but really dislike the website you have to download from. The installer adds adware that is a pain to remove. I have thus gone to alternatives until that changes.

  4. jak wbijam na bitwe i załaduje działko to pokazuje mi takie cyfry 490 u góry i na dole 390 i mam pytanie czy da sie zlikwidowac celownik benoza i wstawic celownik jimbo

  5. 6.9 is currently not ready for general use. Still has the “No Texture” bug when using sniper mode. Having a big red screen when trying to zoom in makes this an unusable mod at this point in time. I look forward to when this has been fixed and I can install this mod again.

  6. Just downloaded for 0.9.0 and when you go into sniper vision its just a red screen that says “Texture Not Found” Please fix as soon as possible the rest of this mod looks so good! ps. I downloaded the extended version.

  7. Dear Benoz,
    When installing the “Beonz’s XVM Config – Extended (31 Mb)” I had problem in sniper mode when I activated the “zoom” was displayed on the entire screen a msg saying “file not found”.
    Can you tell me what file would that be?

    Marcio Duarte (nickname: macarte) server: NA

  8. Your modpack stinks. Get rid of all that trash on the screen and please allow me to use the shift zoom. When I click shift, I get a red screen…so helpful piece of junk. Don’t download.

  9. Gun sight aint working dont know what is going on, but every time i zoom in, i get red screen. texture not found 🙁

  10. I wish I could ask this on the forum, but I don’t have an EU account. I prefer the normal mod, but I really like the extended damage display (tells you what tank and type of ammo hit you). Is there an easy way to pull files from the extended to add that to the normal mod?

  11. is there any chance to see the details about the tanks and player after pressing the ALT button but see them normaly in the game and also dont see everybody damage they did but only mine?

  12. I have a quick question,i have XVM mod pack installed.

    NOw i wanna bring up XVM configpanel where i can disable and enable ‘mods’.

    I tried to fin it but no luch.Can someone pls tell me how reconfig XVM settings pls?

    Thx 🙂

  13. My favorite mod, but I have some issues with last version. First there is no more detail game stats ( money earned, total damage etc..) on first post game window and mod does’t work with DOMINATION mode. If I try to start DOMINATION mode game crashes after battle starts. In random battles everything works fine. Any solution for this issues?

  14. Hi, on the loading screen (when all the stats come up for the teams) can you explain what the numbers are? I worked out 10k is number of games, 980 is win6, 52%is win rate, but what is the 37?

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