[9.21] Mod ‘Antitoxicity’ – BattleMessenger – Chat filter & antispam 18.3


BattleMessenger – Chat filter & antispam for World of Tanks 9.21.  Author: Assassik & Krzysztof_Chodak & ShuraBB

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Place the “res_mods” folder in this way: \World_of_Tanks \


AntiToxicity- (64 Kb)

5 Replies to “[9.21] Mod ‘Antitoxicity’ – BattleMessenger – Chat filter & antispam 18.3”

  1. Nice mod! 🙂
    But I have a request – can you make it filter combat messages EXCEPT one’s own kills? Meaning the messages of [ally-kills-an-enemy] and [an-enemy-kills-an-ally] to be filtered and only [enemy-name-was-destroyed] to be visible. You could make it with a code, just like the other options: 0 to block all combat messages and 1 to display only user’s kills.

    1. Please, PLEASE! Update! 🙁 Been without it for like two days now and my sarcastic answers to bitter comments is about to mentally kill someone OR get me banned… 😉
      Keep the good work going guys! 🙂

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