[8.8] Hangar «Forest Road» for World of tanks by Niurko {G-F-T}

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The new hangar “Forest Road” designed by the renowned player Niurko {GFT}. Hangar bright and very beautiful.

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Unpack the archive to the root of the game

Niurko_Forest_Road_v1 (54 mb)

5 Replies to “[8.8] Hangar «Forest Road» for World of tanks by Niurko {G-F-T}”

  1. Please post how to remove/uninstal the mod, it seems that my old computer can’t handle it and its quite laggy… I tried to remove the files but the game doesn’t start…

  2. All i get when trying to use this is “Updating Tanker” (or something like that).
    Anyone know the reason for it? I’d really like to use it =/

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