[9.0] Coolice’s Modpack (incl. XVM 5.2.1)

This mod pack contains only the most necessary and informative mods. Author: Coolice


shot_002 shot_005

List mods:

XVM 5 (with personal config – view ranges on minimap)
Locastan’s extra statistics
Max zoom out Mod
Vanilla reload timer by STL1te
Latest EU – Clan icons

SF Damage Panel(slightly reworked)

How to install:

Вownload the archive

Delete your own “res_mods” folder and copy the new one “res_mods” folder from the .zip in the “World of tanks” folder
Go in to ..res_mods/xvm/res/Coolice/fonts/ and double click XVM.tff


Coolice’s Modpack (10 Mb)

2 thoughts on “[9.0] Coolice’s Modpack (incl. XVM 5.2.1)”

  1. Oliver says:

    I really like this mod. The only issue that i have is the damage announcer that appears in center of screen and i cant aim. Pls HELP

    1. Oliver says:

      Also i want to get rid of that dmg announcer

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