[8.9] Hangar Wargaming 15th Anniversary (Prem + Base)

Very beautiful and rich hangar dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the company Wargaming. Hangar works as a premium, and the basic account. Compatible with the 0.8.9 update.






Path: res_mods/0.8.9/spaces


Hangar_15_anniversary (15 mb)

3 thoughts on “[8.9] Hangar Wargaming 15th Anniversary (Prem + Base)”

  1. mark says:

    the tanks are facing the wrong way?! any chance you can change it up?

  2. Nathan says:

    Anyway to make this for the 8.8 update.

  3. suck6x says:

    common plz make it for 8.8 🙂

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