[8.8] Lawn’s Big Modpack(s) of Doom v.1.17

This AIO is for WoT version 0.8.8. It contains the following mods packaged onto one file, featuring everything you need to get it working including DETAILED AND EASY TO FOLLOW instructions.


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  1. XVM – Provides better layout and info during battles and tracks your penetrating shots and kills
  2. XVM-Stat – Useful tool providing stats for players in a match
  3. My XVM config – No fancy crap, just simple XVM info on loading and tab screens, simple but effective default tank info, and detailed ALT tank info. But use your own if you like.
  4. Startup Video Remover – Disables videos seen when launching tanks
  5. Scopeshadow Remover – Makes Sniper Mode full screen instead of normal circle of visibility
  6. Enhanced HD Minimaps – Tank Icons on minimap are labeled with tank name, view range spotting circle, 50m circle, arty range and box showing max draw distance, all centered on your tank, hull and turret direction pointers, better minimap image, CTRL key enlarges map
  7. J1mb0’s Crosshair – It’s J1mb0’s Crosshair. Gives nice alternatives to the stock ones
  8. J1mb0’s Contour Icons – Replaces the normal tank icons (colored to similar) with recolored ones that are easier to tell apart
  9. Target Info Panel by Dellux, trans. by CBARoughneck – Gives gun and armor ifo of targeted tank
  10. Accurate Damage Indicator – Makes it easier to tell where you’re getting shot from
  11. Enhanced Ammo Counter – Larger numbers on the ammo counter at the bottom of the screen
  12. Statistics Pack – Provides some nice info in your garage screen, including wins/battles and +/- credit earnings since you launched Tanks
  13. Zoom mod by koshnaranek
  14. Damage Panel with obvious fire warning – Has huge Tank on fire! message you can’t miss, as well as an audible alarm. Never sit there burning again! Has a countdown timer showing how many seconds until a module is fixed. Know exactly how long before your treads are back up before burning that repair kit. Also logs damaging hits on your tank.
  15. Clock and Calculator – Displayed in your garage
  16. Better Sixth Sense Icon – Big red exclamation point, hard to miss
  17. Inception 6th Sense Sound – Horn sound to go with the icon
  18. Gnomefather’s Historical Realism Gun Sounds – I typically hate soundmods. I never want to play without this one again. A Youtube video won’t do it justice. Just try it.
  19. Dokan Library – Needed for XVM-Stat. I wanted this to be a one-stop mod. Download this modpack and be done, no other sites to visit.




LBMD Jimbo Edition [Mediafire] (99 Mb)

3 thoughts on “[8.8] Lawn’s Big Modpack(s) of Doom v.1.17”

  1. IG0Commando says:

    The target Info Panel is behind the modules/crew panel, how can I move it?

  2. Chukers says:

    When will there be an 8.6 version of this?

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