[9.15] two rowed tank carousel mod by Locastan

Mod: tanks in the hangar in two rows for new version World of Tanks 9.15 by Locastan+4lCapwn





two rowed tank carousel mod by Locastan (2700 Kb)

3 rowed tank carousel mod by Locastan (2700 Kb)

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  1. Why cant you make this available with out adding more crap to my pc like dl manager. I really like the mod but everyone has their own dl manager so I would end up with a dozen or more.. just poniting out that it would make many more happy ppl and some of us are not so cheap we avoid donations.. thnx mkc357

  2. Alright chaps, I’m not very good at this so explain it to me as if I were a moron: How do I install this? I have it downloaded but have no idea what to do with it.

  3. Thanks! Can you make one that is the same as it was in

    locastan_garage 2 rowed carousel_87

    It’s too small too read on 23″ monitor.

    1. Here’s what the page says:

      “thanks to CS2001 you can customise the amount of rows and the ratio of rescaling yourself.
      configuration is set up in res_mods.8.8\gui\flash\TankCarousel.cfg, the screenshot you see above was made with the following config:


      – The amount of rows (d’uh! – default is 2 rows)
      – The size of the images, 1 is the default value that wargaming uses. First version used 0.5. So you should probably select something around 0.75-1.
      – You can increase (or decrease) the size of the fonts here. Please note: it currently only increases the tank typ icon, the tank level and double xp. If you select a value over 1.3, it will start to look ugly.”

      This does not tell you how to get to the screen where you do the modifications. I’m sure the majority of us are asking how to get to this area to modify it. Any tips on how to get there?

      1. My bad for the number lines:


        Subbed for ( and )

      2. u looking for this open it with notepad > TankCarousel.cfg


  4. tanks ..great mod…can u make a button that would gather tanks according to tier instead of nation, type …not techy enough to do it myself and asked WOT to do it since the last 3 patches and nothing yet…

  5. go to \World_of_Tanks\res_mods.8.11\gui\flash folder, double click TankCarousel.cfg use NotePad to open

    Find this line – change to 2


  6. This is not working for me in 8.11. I am using the same mods as I did in 8.10, but all I get is empty grey squares in my carousel. It worked fine in 8.10.

    Other mods I use:

    J1mB0’s crosshairs and contours
    Koros hit log
    locastans (?) colored messages
    and a session stats

  7. hey there….having problems with 9.0 update for the carousel. loaded and unzipped latest (9.0)version. started game and get empty carousel. looks to be 2 or 3 rows, but blank. went to settings/ mods… says update avail. went to website linked and downloaded update and installed= same.. mod tab still says update avail. tried to contact wr5iters, but they are on euro website and I cannot access. tried opening: res_mods.9.0\gui\flash\TankCarousel.cfg but all cfg files have swf tags. switched to cfg and opened in notepad and it comes up as Chinese?

    any help please

  8. Need a MASTERY button. I want a button that can filter out all tanks that I Have NOT mastered yet, so that I can play those…

    Also haven’t figured out the Elite button… can anyone explain that filter?

  9. How to make it 2 rows instead of 3 in this version?
    I don’t have a “…\World_of_Tanks\res_mods.9.2\gui\flash\TankCarousel.cfg” file…

  10. Can’t find the tankcarousel.cfg, and I don’t even have a modsettings folder… It used to be there, I remember using this in 9.1 but I can’t find it now anymore…

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