9.22 | Smooth Scope Zoom (30x, 10lvl) by Artasan


Smooth Scope Zoom (30x, 10lvl)  for World of Tanks 9.22 by Artasan. Perfect for firing on enemy tank from 500 m distance

How to install:

  • Download and unzip the archive
  • Copy the “res_mods” folder to: “….WoT”



30x_10lvl_Smooth_Scope_Zoom_0919.0.1_by_Artasan_v2 (300 Kb)

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  1. not working properly for me, my “turret position” indicator sticks when I move the turret it also does not show what magnification you are currently on.

  2. i am using a laptop, ive downloaded the file, put it where it needs to be, but I the feature isn’t there in game. am I doing something wrong or can I not use the mod without a mouse with a scroll feature??

    1. hey go in wot game folder then go to res mods then delete no scroll fille (idk where is is exacly but you should’t have problems fining it there)

          1. Forgot the reason why, the mod doesnt make u shoot more accurate, so at max zoom the shell goes out of the “circle” alot more.

        1. What mods are banned:
          – “laser sights” (red line pointing from the barrel)
          – defoliants (leaf removers)
          – 3D hitskins (which make tanks transparent and show the modules inside) – please note regular hitskins are NOT banned
          – tracer changes/hacks
          – free camera mods

          so, this mod isn’t illegal 😉

          1. Smooth 30x 10-level zoom increases your ingame zoom levels with the ZoomX mod and makes the transitions smooth. Very good for spotting weakspots at long range.

            Extended zoom mods were supposedly banned with version 8.11 (source on more info), use at your own risk.

      1. always the same problem ! it’s this mod, i test with only this mod and WoT crashes just after close the program. Plz, fix it !

  3. have you any explanation to choose the best avatar_input_handler.xml ?
    we have avatar_input_handler.xml, avatar_input_handler_0811_orig.xml and avatar_input_handler_nodinamic.xml, bu what are the differences between these files ?

  4. You can not zoom in with the mouse wheel anymore you have to press shift to go into sniper mode. Also you cannot zoom in past 16x.

  5. After a recent update I can only zoom 16x at most. It wasn’t labelled before, but I used to be able to zoom further.

  6. I can’t get this mod to work on 9.3. I followed the example of moving the downloaded res_mod files into c:\games\World_of_Tanks to no avail. Please assist.

  7. Posts: 1

    I have been using the 30x Smooth_Scope_Zoom mod for a couple of patches and was able to reduce the max zoom (32x) by editing the Zoom.xml file. For example I could reduce the zoom to 16x by removing the 30 and 22.2 values in the Zoom.xml file. In the latest 9.9 release however, I can’t reduce the zoom from the max 32x level to anything lower when I edit the Zoom.xml file. Is there another way to reduce the zoom in the 9.9 release?

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  9. This 9.12 version seems to crash the game when entering a battle.
    This in combination with XVM6.1.6. and J1mB0s-Crosshair-Mod-v1.53

  10. Neighter of them work on 9.12 With one of them the game doens’t open at all, with the other one the battle doesn’t start…. 🙁
    Please fix it?

  11. in 9.12 the game freezes at the battle loading screen with all files installed. If you remove the ZoomIndicator.xml file the game loads and the zoom functions work like they should. i.e. it zooms out further and zooms in further. You just font get the zoom x indicator in sniper view. There is probably an easy fix I just don’t know it.

  12. I am having the same problem as the others. The only mod I have installed right now is this mod – the zoom mod. When I click “Battle” the game freezes. The list of people going into the battle appears and the loading bar below shows the battle is loading but – I never get into the battle…the game freezes there. Please fix! Thanks in advance 🙂

  13. Yes, removing the “ZoomIndicator” file fixed it. There’s something wrong with that file. It doesn’t matter to me…I could care less to know what zoom level I’m on so…I’ll probably leave it as is. Thanks Robert for letter us know how to fix it!

  14. I don’t know why this is advertised 9.12 compatible here.

    Artasan has NOT updated this mod for 9.12! This is someones copy paste from the 9.10 version to 9.12 folder. That’s why it’s not working correctly.

  15. its working alright. Just pick your favourable zooming folder from zip file and paste it to 9.12 folder. Then go find from there a file named “eXTZoomSettings” with Notepad. There on the first line under small headline “ArcadeZoomSettings” is written “False” but you erase it and type “true” . Thats how i got it to work.

  16. This conflicts with the battle assistant mod apparently. If you have both mods, you’ll be unable to exit birds eye view for arty.

  17. If I set
    ScrollSensitivity=10 in StrategicZoomSettings
    Sensivitity=1 in StrategicPOVSettings
    then after a while camera distances is totally out of tune.

  18. Miss the zoom level 2x … 20x … 30x in the display
    when change in the file eXTZoomSettings line “SniperZoomIndicator” on true mode the game freezes at the battle loading screen. So this mod doesn;t work propertly.

  19. me funciona bien, pero
    ¿como puedo habilitar el ZOOM INDICADOR?, para que indique en la pantalla que zoom esta utilizando 2,4 6,……………….30

    Pues en el panel del angar dice; disable zoom indicador

    1. you’re pathetic. the people who offer this mod FOR FREE will most probably have other stuff to do as well, not only pamper fucktards like you.

  20. solved … On the game configuration, GENERAL, and on the right side (of the battle interface) you must click to activate the x22 and x30 option.

    … 😉

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