40_tonn crosshair 0.9.4


The famous Russian player in the world of tanks present his sight. They loved, who can download from the link below. Once you have downloaded the file you will find there an arcade, sniper, artу sight, and Traverse. All sights are very informative and well visible on all surfaces.

There are two versions of this sight: the old and the new:

New version:

old Version:

old snipe old


Download the archive
res_mods folder from the archive copy and paste into the root of the game


40_tonn_new_crosshair (0.7 Mb)

40_tonn_old_crosshair (3.2 mb)


Modpackage by 40_tonn for World of Tanks

2 thoughts on “40_tonn crosshair 0.9.4”

  1. JOE PURPURA says:


    I tried the “old version” 40_tonn_old_crosshair (2.2 mb) which I have really enjoyed for years.

    But now the zoom loading image with spokes coming from the 4 corners of a rectangular
    image with rounded corners, is not centered but shifted left about 3 inches or more.
    running WOT 9.0. Win7 Nvidia card.
    Is there a fix for this?.
    Thank you!


  2. alexei says:

    i want to get the new version but im have trouble getting it to work HELP ME :'(

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