[] 1D6 Xvm ModPack v8.4.1

For more than three years, the 1D6 modpack has appeared on the official World of Tanks forum.

This modpack contains only the most useful modifications, and its weight does not exceed 40 mb.
You can get acquainted with the mods by looking at screenshots or videos.

ModPack Included:

  • XVM eXtended Visualization Mod
  • HitLog XVM (Damage Done)
  • J1mB0’s Crosshair
  • DamageLOg (Damage Received/Blocked)
  • Calculator ranking battle
  • Minimap Players name (alternative)
  • WN8 Rating Scale on 10 colors contour Icons
  • 3 Lines carausel
  • Advanced tank statistics
  • Gold icons premium tank
  • Modpack version chaker
  • Session statistics
  • etc

More screenshots:


How To install

Download the installer and follow its instructions.


1D6_XVM_ModPack_1.9.0.1.exe (8.3 Mb) will be soon

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