[0.9.15] tom_Cat’s ModPack v03

tom_Cat’s ModPack a small, but includes only the most important mods. Download and install this collection of mods you get the most necessary, basic, efficient modifications. ModPack updated to version 1 and is compatible with the 0.9.15 update

More screenshots:


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ModPack includes the following mods:

PMOD Package

Damage Panel by GambitER

Hell Minimal Hangar Mod

Korolins Tank Contour Icons



Download and unzip the archive.
Folders put on such way: WoT / res_mods


res_mods – [0.9.15] – 2016.05.26 – Version 03 (12 Mb)

One thought on “[0.9.15] tom_Cat’s ModPack v03”

  1. Dario says:

    where can I change the resolution for mod? I use 1680×1050 and it dont fit in my screen… zoom is out at half and damagein is mixed… please answer… TY

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