[1.6.1] Tidy Messenger by Krzysztof_Chodak


Meet excellent alternative mod “Yasenkrasen” developed player Krzysztof_Chodak.

Mod colored messages after the battle you can quickly find all the necessary information.

How To install:

Folder “mods” copy and paste into the root of the game


tidy_messenger-2019-10-08 (30 Kb)

4 thoughts on “[1.6.1] Tidy Messenger by Krzysztof_Chodak”

  1. NotGoodOne says:

    The only informative colour msg n result panel that function efficiently belongs to Locastan…!
    This is a pale copy of the original Mod n it’s full of bugs…!!!
    Before any release, plz try the integrity of the Mod.

    1. Malice983 says:

      Locustan can not be found for 9.12. Back when you spammed how bad this was maybe he was updating his. But the latest “labled” release is 9.10. One negative comment by you was enough. Others, like myself, will also negative comment this. That way it will look legit and others will steer clear of this mod.

  2. NotGoodOne says:

    This version is full of bugs n doesn’t function properly.
    Plz erase this pale copy of Locastan’s original Mod…

  3. Malice983 says:

    This does not even work. Looks good in the pics but never worked.

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