[] PMOD Package v1.47.0

PMOD – a complex modification is not modpak is a single mode. It allows you to improve the gameplay and offers many new features previously unavailable to the player.

PMOD Package:
Session Statistics
Custom System Messages – Battle Results
Remember last login server / Skip intro video (disabled – managed by XVM)
Camera Stabilization
Auto Equip replaceable equipment – Toolbox, Camo Net, Binoculars (disabled)
Message Cleaner – auto hides messages: “Welcome”, “Repairs:”, “The ammunition”, “You have not changed your password”, “Crew member successfully transferred”
Camera Options: no blur (disabled), flashbang, no camera shake, no dynamic camera
Free Camera for replays
Activate with F3 during replay
No Binocular effect on zoom
Zoom Indicator
Zoom In – up to 64x – currently set @16x maximum
Zoom Out option (disabled)
No Scroll Option (disabled)
Scroll Sensitivity (disabled)
Custom Server Crosshair (disabled)
Battle Chat cleaner / filter (disabled)
and a few more

Default config file – the file with the mod and the single-config. Suitable for most users.
Extended config file – the file with the mod and multifile config. Suitable for users who collect modpacks.

How to install:

Copy the archive folder “res_mods” in the folder where you installed tanks
If you ask the replacement of files or folders can accept or refuse, there is no difference.


PMOD_ver_1.9.0.2 (2.5 MB)

6 thoughts on “[] PMOD Package v1.47.0”

  1. joselamas says:

    can you put “mirroredVehicleIcons”: false, in the modpack
    i dont use xvm tanks sory for my bad inglish

  2. xen says:

    autoechip dont work …i made the change from false to true

  3. mr tank says:

    hmmm i trried to edit config but the game doesnt reflect the changes. in fact the zoom went back to x8 after i changed it

  4. XYZ says:

    Crash in 9.15.1…

  5. *&^%$#%^&*()*&^%$#@#$$%^&*()&^%$#@!$%^&*)(*&^%$#@!#$%^&**()&^%$#@$#%%^&*&^%$#@#$%^&**^&%$#%$%^&*())&*^%$%^&! says:

    Where do you download it?

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