[0.9.13] Bionick DamagePanel by dede2larue v 3.0

Hello everyone,


Player “dede2larue” has created another kind of damage panel  “Bionick”. If someone like you can download and install. Compatible with update 0.9.13


Download and unzip the archive.
Folder “0.9.13” put on this path: WoT/res_mods/


DamagePanel_dede2larue_3.0 (298 kb) – stand panel

DamagePanel_dede2larue_7th_3.0 (293 kb) – with clan logo

One thought on “[0.9.13] Bionick DamagePanel by dede2larue v 3.0”

  1. daRoxX says:

    good work to 9.12 the really time clock is a good idea but what is the difference to v1-v3 pix uploaded?

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