[] The best compact modpack for World of Tanks by Slayer

On our site was added another popular ModPack taken from the Russian server.  This ModPak has excellent installer that will help you choose and install ModPak mods. ModPack compatible with the current update


Mod for new updates notification.
– Karma Mod. Karma collection – on damage in 1k or more, or the explosion shels shout Skadoosh!. And when you need to rule battle – activate karma via shout Fus-Ro-Dah!.
– Russian radio Wargaming.FM – listen to the radio and rule battles!
Complex XVM.
– – – Complex XVM with many features, include hangar carousel.
– – – Alternative lamps for XVM:
– – – – – Yellow;
– – – – – Red;
– – – – – Blue;

– Sights:
—Sight by Zayaz.
– Panel of damage – with advanced statistics and counter of recharge the last enemy.
– Indicator of direction where shall come to you with counter.
– Sniper sight up to х30.
– Zoom indicator.
– Zoom mod (camera for commander), camera stabilizator, free camera in replays via CapsLock+F3.
– Horizontal angles indicator for Tank Destroyers and SPG.
Informational panel with taran indicator: red – don’t taran, green – taran is pleasure 😉
– Reduced armor calculator.
– Count panel and overall HP of teams. With count of damage to the Main – –  — Caliber medal.
– Display nearby enemies. Red – can shoot at you; Green – can’t.

– Statistics for the game session – the number of victories / defeats, profit etc.
– Automatical activator for Personal Missions with a choice of difficulty. It is recommended to install together with the mod calculation Hangar experience and fighting until the next tank.
– Calculation Hangar experience and fighting until the next tank.
– Pop-up window when you hover on a tank with a dynamic change in the characteristics.
– Advanced crew private matter. Shows how much experience and fighting left up to 100% skill.



How To install:


WoT_modpack_by_Slayer_WoT  (13 Mb)

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