[1.0.0] Wizard’s Contour Icon Mod (unofficial)



Hello everyone!

Player “Wizard_CZE_” created a bright, informative icons tanks. These icons will help you quickly identify the types of tanks your allies and opponents

How to install:

Res_mods folder copied to the root of the game


Wizard’s project (5 MB)

4 thoughts on “[1.0.0] Wizard’s Contour Icon Mod (unofficial)”

  1. DADASI says:

    Большая спасибо! Просьба: сделайте для обновление 0.9.8!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DADASI says:

    Спасибо за 0.9.8!!!!!!!!

  3. Maik Gamradt says:

    Incorrect. please correct.

  4. aoaue says:

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    Thank you.

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