0.9.5 test



There is information that the test is scheduled to start this Thursday



27.11. – 4.12.: Supertest 9.5
4.12. – 11.12.: Public test round 1
11.12.- ??.12.: Public test round 2
22.12. or 23.12.: release date

4 thoughts on “0.9.5 test”

  1. andrea says:

    nice lie and where can I find the test server 9.5

    1. admin says:

      Sorry. it seems I was wrong (or misunderstood the context) – tomorrow, it’s not the start of common test (CT) but apparently 9.5 supertest (ST).

  2. andrea says:

    Would you like to inquire whether you would like it could also play a ja nájdem.či where it now is not public test.thanks for understanding

  3. Goran says:

    God damn PL imbecil. I’m sorry that Hitler didn’t kill all of you.

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