[0.9.6] GKstd Icons mod

Presenting your attention the improved icons mod who created the famous player “GKstd”!


In this modification includes such mods:

Big Medals, Barracks Crew Flags, Tech Tree Vehicle Colors

Also, you can download ready MODPAK from this player: gkstd-mods-pack

Tech Tree Vehicle Colors:

GKstd Tech Tree Vehicle Colors

Barracks Crew Flags:

GKstd Barracks Crew Flags

Big Medals:

GKstd Big Medals



Res_mods folder copy and paste into the root of the game, confirm the replacement


GKstd-Icons-All-0.9.6-v1.4.zip (10 Mb)

GKstd Big Medals 0.9.6 v2 (2.2 Mb)

GKstd Barracks Crew Flags 0.9.6 v1.3 (4.5 Mb)

GKstd Tech Tree Vehicle Colors 0.9.6 v1.3 (2.96 Mb)

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