[1.4.0] XVM Config by Bones


Friends! Meet another version of VCM mod. At this time, the player “superbones” took the best ideas of all existing configs and gathered them together into a single mod. Mod compatible with 1.4.0 update

BonesXVMConfig1 BonesXVMConfig minimap


Updated to XVM ver. 7.7.4, build 7569 for WoT 1.4.0


Download and unzip the file
res_mods folder from the archive to put here: …/WoT/

Click here to enable XVM Stats


Bones XVM Config (No Stats) (9 MB)

Bones XVM Config (Wn8 & HP in Panels) (9 MB)

33 thoughts on “[1.4.0] XVM Config by Bones”

  1. smellmypuddin says:

    downloaded xvm modpack now when i go to drive forward, mini map takes up whole screen… cant see where im going, how do i disable this???

  2. a44k3ks says:

    Is the question
    If you use the new XVM
    When you press the forward key W
    It is displayed map is enlarged, but I would not be somehow?

  3. niedernut says:

    did you ever find a fix? It’s annoying!

  4. Bill Rathbone says:

    When will you have an update for 9.4?

  5. TMaxter says:

    Thx, best XVM config

    1. TMaxter says:

      dont Works in 9.4 :/

  6. Poozeh says:

    For me, garage bugs out so i cant play.

    Gets stuck on updating interface- icon.
    It loads, but i cant see my tanks bar on the bottom, no stats of the current tank, cant see the crew and I cant close any windows I open. (I.E. cant close store or chat windows)

  7. Mike says:

    I really like your mod, but with 9.4 version I have a problem that I am not able to see tanks in the garage. It is only my problem or it is general?

    1. Kruk66pl says:

      the same here, no tanks in garage.

      1. John says:

        It happens once in a while, when it does I clik on service record then back to garage and that usually fixes it.

  8. imran says:

    All the missions disappear and mission menu becomes blank. what has happened? whether all the missions are not available due to mod or the simply cannot be displayed and are running in background

  9. koolquy says:

    After the MOD, all the missions disappeared. what has gone wrong. whether all the missions are not appearing or those are not available at all.

  10. Ironman says:

    when will be this modpack for 0.9.5 ?? I love it som much so I want the same for 0.9.5….

  11. Bill Rathbone says:

    Does this require XVM first? If so, what release/build?

  12. God_of_w_r says:

    When will the 9.6 update be release ??? i really like bones XVM its super useful and have information that a player needs!!.

  13. sami says:

    9.6 fasttttttttttttttt… please.:)

  14. cylanoid says:

    Bones is the shiznit!!! Patiently waiting for 9.6

  15. Bill Rathbone says:

    Waiting for the 9.6 update … hurry, please.

  16. hewhoslaystigers says:

    sooo… can anyone recommend a mod pack similar to Bones’, but for 9.6? Most of the ones I’ve tried are way too cartoony.

  17. hewhoslaystigers says:

    9.7! Oh happy day!!

  18. Bill says:

    How do you disable the text for the player stats under the health bar?
    I find them very distracting.

    Other than that, love it 🙂

  19. God_of_W@R says:

    THX for the 9.8 update 🙂

  20. Korys says:

    9.8 version doesnt show dealt + spotted dmg and net income, can you fix it? 🙂

  21. JJ says:

    you know what I like…the fact when the game shows who killed who right over the top of the mini map…..really??? doesn’t look like this was thought through very well at all!!! no thanks i’ll pass. Really? over the top of the mini map? Wow! Brilliant!!

  22. MingLi says:

    Hi, could you please fix the drawing range line on minimap? 🙂

  23. Not working properly for 9.12. Only showsxvm BEFORE battle but not during…

  24. al says:

    Update to please…

  25. hewhoslaystigers says:

    as of just now, it says 9.15.1 above, but it’s actually 🙁

  26. Dominique says:

    I don’t get it. This config is supposed to be compatible with 9.15.1 but refers to 9.15.01 in the archive.
    Is the 9.15.01 folder just misspelled ?

  27. Jatjr says:

    There is one file that is preventing WoT program to load to log in screen. It is the Lobby.swf file in 9.15.1->GUI->Flash

    But you need to update this to 9.15.1. As Dominique said, it is showing as 9.15.01

  28. stefan9999 says:

    The file for the wn8 and HP panels says its for and not Even if you rename the folder to the game freezes at the start up.

  29. faszok vagytok says:

    kurva anyátok

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