[0.9.4] Xft’ XVM modPack v4.5.7


Dear tankers! A well-known player “Xft” finally released his ModPak. ModPak very easy to install, you need to download it and run. All mods tested for compatibility, so that performance is guaranteed. Also “Xft” shared his XVM config.

Feature List:

Latest XVM from nightly builds

Custom XVM config

Fine selection of crosshairs

Custom damage panels

Several zoom options

Tanks contour icons options

Sixt sense with sounds

Visibility and lighting mods

Minimap images and labels

Dead and Vulnerable spots skins

Coloured messages and session stats

Several hangar improvements and add-ons

Regular updates

Easy to use installer package


Xft XVM modpack 094_v4.5.7.exe (22 Mb)

2 thoughts on “[0.9.4] Xft’ XVM modPack v4.5.7”

  1. hipershot says:

    Could you pls explain how to configure the mod?

  2. Marky says:

    After installing I couldnt connect to server 🙁

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