[0.9.19] Multi Hit Log v.3.0

Dear tankers! Meet the new, easy, Multi Hit Log. Using this mode, you will learn how much damage dealt with the enemy, which tanks damaged, how many tanks shooting at you, and more. Author: PiJey77 & WOT_Avenger

WN8 and Damage

WN8 and Damage

WN8 only

1 wn8



Wn8 + Eff + Damage

WN8 + Damage + EFF



Damage + EFF




Note: This mod Operates independently of the XVM


Put “scripts” folder from the archive into the game folder: World_of_Tanks \res_mods \0.9.19


47 thoughts on “[0.9.19] Multi Hit Log v.3.0”

  1. cubanrevel says:

    Excellent Mod been looking for this for a long time, Just a quick question/suggestion. on the 9.3 update can you move the log more to the right of the screen so it does not crumble with enlarge player panel option III when in game.

    Thank you

    1. Hofer says:


      Info-Window (WN8 & Damage) dissapears after the third game!!!

  2. scuby says:

    how do y remove the information about tanks? all i need itd DMG panel

  3. IMORTALL says:

    Is not working properly.The letters is above eachother from what damage do and how much damage i do.
    Is any chanche to fix it?

  4. gianni says:

    Its way to big on the screen can u fix that put it in the corner or something

  5. Daggerheart says:

    Is there anyway I can remove the info panel on the right?? Just want the hitlogger. Creator can you help me?

  6. Killer000000000000000 says:

    Compatibile with 0.9.7, if you change name of folder from 0.9.6 to 0.9.7

  7. Roger says:

    Very nice, can be configured as a super simple damage tracker. Read the readme.txt in the zip and look at the sample .json files.

  8. Braunschweiger says:

    Is multihitlog updated for 9.10? I tried it today 9/7/2015 and it isn’t working.

      1. Braunschweiger says:

        Yes…it works…thank you for updating! Love the in-game WN8 calculator 🙂

        Question though…I noticed that the WN8 calculator doesn’t work for the Chinese 59-Patton. Are there any plans to update for that or…will I have to wait for the next WOT patch? I tested the mod on the KV-5, T-34-85 Rudy, Russian IS-2, and the Japanese Heavy Tank No. VI (newer premiums) and it worked fine…just curious – great mod!!!

  9. alperen says:

    i want just top side just wn8 calculater. i hate this info panel and big table..

  10. cajun_terror says:

    I cant get the mod to enable the damage announcer to platoon and team damage announcer even after i had edited it to say true in the .json file. please help

  11. Braunschweiger says:

    When will this be updated for 9.12?

  12. pagrand says:

    also waiting for 9.12 update

  13. Braunschweiger says:

    Will this Mod ever be updated for 9.12 or are you discontinuing it?


    Are you going to update for 9.13?

  15. Adrian says:

    Were to put it mate…..there is no information where to place wn8 only….


    Thanks a ton for updating this mod. I’ve been using the WN8 only option for a while now and LOVE IT! I used to have to modify the file myself so…thanks you very much for offering the WN8 only mod as a download. I haven’t checked on the mod in a while…then yesterday…noticed you updated it. Great mod, thanks again!!!!

    1. Element_F1r3 says:

      Can you tell me how you installed it? The instructions to download sort of confuse me.

  17. aaaaa says:

    instructions on how to install aren’t clear. “Put “0.9.13” folder from the archive” There is only a 9.13 folder in the res mods folder, not in the archive

  18. riley says:

    are they supposed to open as RAR files, and where do i put them in the res mods folder

  19. 66Killrob says:

    where is supposed to be installed? and which of the 3 files u posted is the right1?

    1. 66Killrob says:

      btw in each of the 3 files u posted there is no 0.9.15 folder.:
      this is the exact folder each file has inside:
      file wn8.rar
      file WN8_damage.rar
      file WN8_Damage_eff.rar
      which is the rigth 1? and what i have to copy in res_mods?

  20. Mister says:

    How to install?
    I copy folder in res_mods/9.15 and go to play,and not working log


    The “guts” of the mod seem to be missing. The 3 folders above seem to be some sort of change file but…you have to have the main parts of the mod for it to work. Where can we get the main part of the mod? Simply installing the files above do not work. As of now…the mod is unusable.

  22. tanker says:

    i don’t understand where i can put the Wn8 damamge file

    1. tanker says:

      it doesn’t work

  23. anshul lall says:

    where is the archive file? im unable to use this mod. what is meant by put folder from archive.

  24. jojo says:

    doesnt work in the current version of the game

  25. Danffer says:

    This mod not workin in 9.15.1, why?

  26. killrob says:

    no 1 of the mods works with 9.15.1

  27. zalim says:

    çalımıyor eror

  28. Brent says:


    After an update (I guess 9.14) they changed the structure of the mod, so the files posted on this page aren’t sufficient (as Braunschweiger already said).

    You can find the offcial forum post of the modcreators, with working installation guide here:

    Quick summary:
    1) Dowload the ‘Default config’, which you can find on top of the post of the link I’ve put here.
    2) Open (extract) it.
    3) The folder should be named ‘calculator_rankings_battle_0_9_15_1_1’ (or whatever version of WoT it is when you read this)
    4) In that folder, you’ll find a ‘’ folder. Copy this ‘’ folder to C:\…\World_of_Tanks\res_mods
    5) The WN8 only mod is now installed.
    6-extra) If you prefer one of the other options you can find above: download the option you like, open it and click through the folders untill you find the only file included; ‘mod_calculator_rankings_battle.json’.
    Copy this file to ‘C:\…\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\scripts\client\gui\mods’ and overwrite the ‘mod_calculator_rankings_battle.json’-file that is already there.

    I hope I could at least help some of you! Enjoy! 🙂

    1. Scott says:

      Working nice, thanks 🙂

  29. TheMightySwiss says:

    when I download it, I get a .rar file and I can’t find any scripts folder or anything that suggests that this mod is in the download file. Pls fix

  30. mike says:

    i cant find my files in resmods, any tips?

  31. mbwells2673 says:

    9.17.1 mod is crashing my game. Any help here?

  32. Jirka76 says:

    Will be this mod for 0.9.20?

  33. cedricpalas007 says:

    put the v9.20 pls

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