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Commanders! Meet the unique mod for your clan. This mod displays how many tankers is online, all the clan wars. Mod works on all servers and supports such languages​​: EN, LV, TR, CS, DE, IT, RU, FR, PL, HU, ES, PT.

Config file is located in this path: res_mods / configs / clanMod / folder

For ClanWars message you can use these macros:
{{map}} – battle map
{{time}} – battle time
{{type}} – battle type (for province, encounter or landing)
{{landing}} – province name
{{income}} – province income
{{owner}} – province owner
{{icon}} – province owner icon
{{color}} – province owner clan color

For ClanMod message you can use these macros:
{{online}} – online member count
{{members}} – clan member count



Download and unzip the file
res_mods folder from the archive to put here: …/WoT/


clanMod (50 Kb)

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