[0.9.4] Blades ModPack v0.9.4.1

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Commanders! Meet the new, high-quality ModPak for World of Tanks 0.9.4. This ModPak was taken from the Asian server, it is very popular there. And this is not surprising, because it includes the most popular mods. Author: Blade12444



— Password saver
— Damage panel (NEW in
— Xvm (blades config)
— Locastans gen 4 Minimap
— Ailled outlines (use numpad ‘1’ to turn on and off)
— Team Total HP 
— Jimbos crosshair (with blades edited bits)
— Shells in clip
— 2 tank rows
— dynamic camera shake removed
— zoom out
— female tankers
— Session Stats
— CREW VOICE SELECTOR (go to sound>voice messages to customise)

How to install:

Download and unzip ModPak

Put the folder “res_mods” from the archive to World_of_Tanks \


Blades ModPack (52Mb)

Colour_Blind_Patch_9.3v1 (1.67)

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