[0.9.22] 3D icons like Black_Spy

3D icons are no longer available – so we offer an excellent substitute for them. Many tankers would once again return to 3D icons, but unfortunately for many consecutive patches are not updated and do not intend to update. Therefore DJON_999 player decided to make a similar mod, but with some difference. Transparency icons will be 25%. Icons are ideal for the latest version 0.9.22.

In the archive you will find 2 options of mod. Conventional and non-standard. In version 2 the author singled out in icons “drummers” red names. Icons are suitable for the tanks, which were made on Supertest:

– Strv 81
– Jagdtiger (H)
– T-44-85M
– T-44-100M
– Tiger II (H)
– Object 252U


Icons 3D Black_spy 0.9.22 (62 MB)

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