[] Improved shells panel for World of Tanks

Many players play at a higher resolution screen, or do not have very good eyesight. Such tankers need mods with a special, large print. This modification will allow you to change both the font and color of text in the panel of shells. Thus the information in the panel of shells will be readable and accessible to players in any such situation.
In addition, because of the configuration file you can set any parameter for youself:
– Increase font
– Change the color content
– Add in the shells overcharging panel
– Add a drum display
– Enable glow

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Customize mod here
World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \\ gui \ flash \ CPSetting.xml

How to install:

1. Install New Font.
2. Copy the folder in the gui WOT / res_mods / /


Improved shells panel (42 MB)

One thought on “[] Improved shells panel for World of Tanks”

  1. Pommern_Ulan says:

    There is a problem in the garage.
    If this is installed, you can not buy tanks anymore.

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