[] The sight Vspishka for World of Tanks

If you are looking for a convenient and useful sight – you’ve come to the right place. Today our guest is related to these criterias. Introducing the sight Vspishka for World of Tanks

Today we are  pleased to present you this mod because it is from author that was a pioneer in the world of tanks and strategies. Vspishka became the first gamer who represented and studied for players  World of Tanks. Therefore experienced tankers remember and know mods were developed by this author.

The advantage of sight is its convenient localization on the screen. Mod has a convenient sighting marker  in a form of a square with a dot in the middle. It is not overloaded with various, unnecessary and simply interfere function. The mod is simple and easy to use. If you install this mod  for youself your shots will be more effective and damage to the enemy more maximum .



How to install:

Copy the mods folder in WOT root folder


Pritsel Vspishka (650 KB)

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