[] The sight ProTanki for World of Tanks

Here is one more sight from popular gamers and modders. Today we will show you sight from author  ProTanki modpack. This assembly is every popular among  World of Tanks players.

Today became more and more popular to use sights from famous modders and players in World of Tanks. Thus there were sights from Jove, Jimbo, Vspishka, Maracasy, Dezertoda. Today we bring you the sight from author one of the most popular assemblies – ProTanki.

Of course, such popular players have known all about good mods, that why their mods are perfect.  Fortunately, we have an excellent opportunity also enjoy their own mods. The sight from ProTanki made on the basis of minimalist sight but is the most functional and useful. This mod has been assembled at the request of the top players so accommodates only the most necessary and useful qualities. Mod has many advantages:

– Comfortable accommodation on the screen
– A convenient starting point for sight
– Armor thickness sensor and your shell penetration
– At the end of recharge  phrase “Карать” means “to punish”


Mod will suitable for both beginners and real specialists in this game

How to install:

Copy the gui folder and scripts in WOT / res_mods /


sight_protanki (1 MB)

2 thoughts on “[] The sight ProTanki for World of Tanks”

  1. leo says:

    for my consepto it is exelente reticula a super censilla and it would be perfect if the central scoreboard instead of blaco better celestial for that resartaria in all the fields of battles

    1. leo says:

      it might have the opsiones of changing the color of the central orange or blue scoreboard it would be perfect many years….http://prntscr.com/a8c2vv

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