[] The sight like in a Maracas for World of Tanks

Sight like Maracas for World of Tanks –  is another scope from popular players in the World of Tanks.

Who can know better and more about mods but than a  gamer who make a video review for them. Recently, we wrote about sight from one of the most popular  modders Jove. Today we want to present mod –  sight from Maracas, the author of the popular assembly mods under his own name – Maracas.

The sight  Maracas is made in a minimalist style but the most functional. Mod has several advantages:
-armor calculator present
– minimalism
– nice all the data localization on a screen
– colors visible on all maps
– fine fonts
– the ability to customize the sight right in the game
– reloaded into the red. You will always see visually recharged or not

For a successful and efficient fight sight plays a major role. Sight like maracas exactly what you need.


51 50

How to install:

Copy folders gui and scripts in WOT / res_mods /, confirming the replacement.


Pritsel Maracasi (2,2 Mb)

2 thoughts on “[] The sight like in a Maracas for World of Tanks”

  1. GeCore says:

    Hi, can I change for my own that Russian word which is on the left side of crosshair?

    1. GeCore says:

      And if I can, how can I do that?

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