[] The sight Dezertoda for WOT

The sight from author  popular assembly with the  same name Dezertoda

One from the popular modpack is assembly which called Dezertoda, the author is a popular player with  nickname Zayaz. Dezertoda Sight is part of assembly, but now you do not need to download the whole assembly to use  this modification. Mod has such advantages as:

– The ability to customize the sight in hangar
– Sight is designed in overcross style
– An indicator of armor of an enemy tank
– Large and visually noticeable charge indicator
– Animation at the end of charge. Now you will not miss a moment of the end of the charge because it will be colorful and  animated time with flash elements.
– Convenient sight for aiming

How to install:

Copy the mods folders in WOT root folder


Pricel Desertoda (622 KB)

One thought on “[] The sight Dezertoda for WOT”

  1. lola_zhora says:

    Can you translate this awesome crosshair to english?

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