[0.9.20] Mod “Armor learning in the hangar” for WOT

Here is the mod that can introduce you  with all  tank weaknesses you are interested in.

This modification is part of the assembly  ProTanki, one of the most popular modpacks for players. The enemy tank contact  does not always guarantee a strong penetration or damage. Since starting 5-level tanks have such protection as armor. Each tank has its own degree of penetration and booking seats. Therefore, the main task here is not just a hit but hit in a weak spot in the protection that would cause maximum damage to the enemy.

For this purpose you will need mod “Armor learning in the hangar.” Mod is convenient to use. With its helps you can explore all the impenetrable and weaknesses in booking any tank that is in your hangar. If you will use mod ShowVehicle you will be able to explore even tanks that you do not have in your hangar . All data will be available in the form of tablets with all thickness, summation and above reservation.  Also a great advantage of mod is calculated the maximum angle of contact and penetration by player. It is making your shot more effective .

Here you can see how this mod use


Follow the path: scripts in WOT / res_mods / 0.9.20 /


Armor learning in the hangar  (200 KB)

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