[1.0] White minimalist sights for WOT

A large number of players are fans of minimalism. For them we are introducing a new, minimalistic sight.

With every new update modders make their mods more modern and information. There are so much information and functions in scopes. But sometimes it is a minus in sights. Among the very large amount of information the player simply gets lost.

Now more and more players prefer not quantity but quality. For these gamers, we offer White minimalist sights for WOT 1.0. Features of sight:

– minimalism
– Ridht selected color that will be visible on all types of maps (except winter)
– Penetration indicator
– White arcade, sniper and arty scopes
– White sights for Arty and Tank Destroyers



31 30

How to install:

Copy folders gui and scripts in WOT / res_mods / 1.0/


WG White (400 KB)

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