[1.5.0] Mod “Shadow of the spotted tank”

Friends! We are glad to present mod which will be very useful and  will find a lot of its fans. Mod  “Shadow of the spotted tank” will give you  extra time for your sight.


The enemy spot on the minimap is not very convenient  for the player in combat much more convenient the spotted enemy tank  in the battlefield. If you install mod “Shadow of the spotted tank”  you will be able to verify this. Unlike standard spot shown on a mine-map in the form of points, this mod displays enemy as the shadow of skins though any color for your choice.

Also the advantage of this modification is the extra time that you will be have holding the ALT key.
Another mod advantage is a convenient  configuration file of the tank. There are 2 mod options to choose from: the old one and the new with the ability to change  shade color of the tank.
Despite its advantage during combat mod  completely legal and you can not be afraid to have a ban for its uses. So you can use it’s safe  and have a great victories for you.


How to use?

– “Delay”: 10 – time display tank after leaving the spot;
– “ShowKey”: “KEY_LALT” – hot key to display the shadow of tanks after 10 seconds;
– “ShadowTypeSolidColorSet”: “12D4FF” – tank  color


Copy the folders scripts and system in WOT / res_mods / 1.5.0/.


mod_shadow (200 KB)

7 thoughts on “[1.5.0] Mod “Shadow of the spotted tank””

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  2. Razzee says:

    Are you trying to make everyone receive a ban lying like that? This is a forbidden mod.

    “Listed below are modifications that fall into this third category. Players that are found using them will receive a penalty.

    Software that leaves “ghosts” of enemy vehicles on the battlefield, placed where they were last detected”


    1. Razzee says:

      “Mods that reveal the position of enemies in a way not included in the vanilla client, by marking objects destroyed on the map and minimap in real-time, by altering the display of shell flight tracers or calculating the position of enemy SPGs with tracers and marking them, as well as those that keep spotted vehicles displayed, even when you aren’t aiming at them”

  3. karatal444war-1-iron says:


  4. earl smith says:


  5. Aaron says:

    Version for 1.0?

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