[] Johny_Bafak’s Vertical Techtree v0.96

Meet the mod of the Thech tree, which will make it more compact and convenient for any player. This mod changes the new Techtree of horizontal to vertical! Author of this mod player Johny_Bafak. The mod is fully compatible with the new update

More screenshots:

Node graphic options:


Basic layout:

Basic layout
DarthWanderer’s layout

DarthWanderer's layout


Automatic Instalation:
– run JBVT.exe
NOTE: install direction must be World of Tanks root folder (no subfolder), ie: “C:\Games\World_of_Tanks”

Manual Instalation:
– Copy folder res_mods folder into your game directory folder
– You can also use graphic add-ons: choose one and then copy nodesLib.swf into your …/res_mods/ folder
– You can also use layout add-ons: choose one and then copy all xml files into your …/res_mods/ folder


JBVT_0. (2.30 Mb)

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