[0.9.10] Dumadidak Clear Hangars 2.2

On our site already has a minimalistic hangar. Author of this mod offers download another 14 variations.
Minimalistic hanger – very useful for slower computers as it increases FPS.
But now, thanks to the player “Dumadidak” minimalist hangar – have become very beautiful! The mod is fully compatible with the new update 0.9.10

More screenshots:


13-WetConcrete 12-BeautyConcrete 11-Gool 10-ThreshingFloor 09-ForestLitter 08-CrackedConcrete 07-Concrete 06-man1aqBelovedBathroom 05-MoonSurface 04-BlackGreyWhiteTiltes 03-Pavement 02-PolishedWhiteStone 01-DumadidakCrackedHangar


Download and unzip the file.
Put the folder “res_mods” to the root of the game.


DCH_2.2 (43 Mb)

One thought on “[0.9.10] Dumadidak Clear Hangars 2.2”

  1. Penny says:

    The best of the best hangar mod i ever seen. Brilliant work. Good luck and hopefully you will keep workin on it for next wot versions 🙂

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