[0.9.9] Complete Pack by locastan


locastans mods

Meet comprehensive pack mods from the most famous developer “locastan”. This ModPak contains 19 mods that belong as locastan and other players. All mods is in informative.  Installing this ModPack percentage of your victories will increase by a few points.

Contour Icons
enable XVM rating
locastans Minimap_3rdGen
locastans UT_voice_Gen2
locastans XVM5.4.1 2990 setup
wagon visibility mod


Download and unzip
Select the desired mode
Put res_mods folder from the archive into the game folder: World_of_Tanks \


All locastan’s mods (39 Mb)

25 thoughts on “[0.9.9] Complete Pack by locastan”

  1. Valle51 says:

    Can get the xvm to work ?

    1. LtCmdrTropes says:

      go to modxvm.com, sign in with your Wargaming ID, and click “Activate Statistics”

  2. celeb2k says:

    I do appreciate the format of your modpack. Very good idea for those who want to change only a few mods (like those terribe icons above the tanks 😉 )
    Good job!
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Linsan says:

      In what modfolder from Locastan do the nasty icons over the tanks come with? XVM?

      1. andy says:

        where the hell can I delete this horrible icons above the tanks??? pleeeeease help

        1. hesik says:

          yep, that is xvm

  3. kristoffer241 says:

    do i just drag and drop the mods into res_mods or into the 9.1 in res_mods

  4. Moonshiner says:

    Wtf is this bulshit ? WHat if i want to use all of these mods ? More than half of them are incompatible because you have to overwrite their files with the next mod you want to instal. After few of that – nothing is working. Either make a ”mod pack” that is compatible with all the features or refrase it to ”list of mods”.

    On a side note – i dont see nothing usefull in this pack. Tryed to use each mode at a time – most worty of attention like zoom, xvm features and damage panel DONT WORK WITH 9.1.

    1. SaltyCamo says:

      They all work together for me, even after overwriting..

  5. wilhelm says:

    how to install the shit?

    1. wilhelm troll says:

      easy install XD

  6. Justice says:

    I thought it was good also. I had no problem installing or them working properly. +1

  7. blew a seal says:

    When will your 9.2 modpack be out?

  8. Kevin says:

    DO these mods work with the latest patch? I hear every one has to exit the game and restart WoT to get in a game while using the mods

  9. miikkee says:

    After downloading your special MODS cannot play cause kicking me out from the game, never again using your mods. Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. blew a seal says:

      The only mod I found not working is the multilined carousel which prevents the game from loading, a fix is posted in the comments.(faulty file which needs to be overwritten.)

  10. andy says:

    where can i deactivate the display mod that hides playernames and shows ugly icons above the tanks?

  11. Bipin J Nath says:

    After installing the mod pack.. my tanks are not showing in garage. Please help

    1. posttender says:

      you and me both.

  12. tronicson says:

    1000x Thanks Locastan! Very nice!

  13. nobody says:

    Hi…..is it compatible with WOT 9.5 Update?

  14. Nicholas says:

    How can I change the number of rows of tanks in the garage?

  15. Nicholas says:

    In my garage the tanks are in 2 lines, how do i make it only 1 line.
    I cant seem to find the “MultilinedTankCarousel_1.5” mod.
    help pls

  16. nobody says:

    Today WOT my platform get around 10 MB update and after that some info on garage interface not showing. FYI…. I’m using this Locastains mod pack which I downloaded on Dec 23, 2014.

    Shall I again download it and install my WOT root directory?….Can any one advise please.

  17. Rubie says:

    The file: ally_outline_always_noapi.pyc, didnt let me join the game on the loading screen. it says that im fully loaded, but i cant go in the game. so can you please fix it? thnx

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