[1.0.2] Clock and calculator in the hangar

Clock in the hangar with the date and day of the week
Clock in the format hh: mm: ss or hh: mm
The ability to display the time in 12-hour format calculus
The ability to display the date and day of the week in a free format
Ability to use a background for the date, hour and day of the week

2clock hangar 1

clock hangar 2

Calculator in the hangar
Basic arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
Arithmetic operations with interest
Arithmetic operations with negative numbers and numbers with a point
Enter as using the mouse and keyboard
History of past actions
Window with a calculator can be moved freely


How to install:

Unpack the archive to any convenient place

Put res_mods folder from the archive along this path: World_of_Tanks \

Start the game client


Calculator + clock in a hangar (3200 kb)

2 thoughts on “[1.0.2] Clock and calculator in the hangar”

  1. Daumantukss1999LOL says:

    Nice job 😉

  2. Yan-Chi says:

    if this is MOD installed, the battle-chat dosnt work.
    Have somebody an idea pls?

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