[0.9.8] Allied silouhettes always for WoT



Very useful mod created a famous player “Loсastan”. As you can see in the screenshot, mod shows contour lines of the allied tanks. So one can easily discern the enemy tank from Allied. This mod is compatible with the new update 0.9.8

How to install:

Put the folder “gui” from the archives on this way: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.8


ally_outlines_98(112 Kb)

5 thoughts on “[0.9.8] Allied silouhettes always for WoT”

  1. eiffel says:

    forbidden mod…

    1. eiffel says:

      oups, i’m wrong, because it concerns only ally tanks… sorry

  2. KingRider says:

    I need just enemy =(

  3. Wallaby says:

    works but has problems errors when leaving settings mods option some kind of save error. plus it keeps creating a res_mods 0.9.2 folder with some of its files in it, every time you run game.

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