[0.9.16] World of Tanks Launcher (Region Editor)

World of Tanks Launcher (Region Editor) – A program to change the localization of the client (one client for playing on different servers) for World of Tanks 9.16


Also, it lets you enable or disable mods without removing or uninstalling them. also it has music…

How to use:

Unzip the downloaded file to the root of the game World of Tanks

Run WOTRegedit.exe

Π‘lick a region you want to play on.


wot-reg-editΒ (8 Mb)

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    1. You will not even be able to boot Windows if something block’s the registry db…It is possible to block access to regedit and as default it’s only members of admin user group that can use it, but don’t worry this mod/program have nothing to do with Windows registry.

  1. this isn’t a real mod, this looks like a spoof malware “virus” . RegEdit is a program already on your computer that Super Users/Admins use to fix problems. the Registry is like a table of contents in a book for your install of Windows. I’m pretty confident this will mess your Registry up badly.

    1. It’s correct that regedit is a utility to edit windows registration db, but it is only the .zip archive that have the same name. It contains WOTRegedit.exe that have been around for some time.

      wotregedit make some changes to scripts_config.xml and a few other files in /res that is localized to each region so you are able to use a single installation to play on each region, but you have to run the program each time you want to logon to a new region, so if you don’t have space to have every single install its an ok utility to use and it is safe enough to use.

  2. bogus mod…first, says dll missing then just comes up with a box that has most of the stuff missing…didn’t report as virus, is NOT a registry editor, though…

  3. so, with this I can basically use my one and only WG login to, letΒ΄s say, go and buy a bt-sv for the RU servers, then I redeem it while on RU server and after that the tank in question is “migrated”? anybody tried that yet?

    1. Doesn’t work like that unfortunately. Accounts do not get migrated because that data set are being held with WG servers. Not via Game locales.
      You need an account on the server you are trying to switch to and it will only work on that server. You cannot transfer anything with this mod to any other server~

  4. There has been an update on the EU server only, so when using an Asia client, the launcher does not update the game and gives an error, please update your client. Is there any manual updates to fix this?


    1. With this software do !NOT! run the launcher after changing locales. use the Worldoftanks.exe directly after changing the region. it will mess your game up in to an unplayable state.

      About the locales, its being verified now. the micro update that SEA / EU got messed up the current ones a bit.
      The program might undergo a fix later in the day which you might need to re download the program and locales will get fixed to current versions as soon as possible

  5. PAOLO, Could I report 2 bugs on a brillient product?
    Background: I use the region editor to switch between NA and EU while waiting for my friends to migrate to EU. The installation was done with NA. When I switch to EU I see 2 things wrong:
    1. When I click on the “Get Gold” button it takes me to the NA site instead of EU.
    2. My carousel order is not what I set it in XVM (Oldschool). When I switch back to NA, the order is correct again.

  6. Paolo, would it be possible to keep the password saved if both regions use the same password? Currently you have to enter your password every time you change region.

  7. HI guys!
    I tried it with wot but game wont run…. it just opens and close…. i use it to switch to sae server..

  8. why does it say when updating
    Cannot Connect to HTTP Download Server! Please Check Your Internet Connection
    and says
    “Worldoftanks.exe” could not be found!

    Please Try re-installing the game or copying the files to a valid WoT installation directory, then try again!

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