[0.9.5] Winter Mod for WoT



Winter Mod – a unique modification that completely changes the game interface.

The beta version includes:

— Full rework of all the maps
— Full rework of environment
— Added weather conditions – snow and blizzards
— Changed all the camouflage to winter
— Changed the texture of tracks and tank shells with snow.
— Changed textures of destroyed tanks
— Changed hangar
— Changed the User Interface
— Changed the loading screen
— Added a Christmas tree instead of flagpoles in bases

A planned more …

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Download and unzip the file
Copy the files to your …/World of Tanks/ folder.


WinterMod (30 kb) – Torrent – 2 version

3 thoughts on “[0.9.5] Winter Mod for WoT”

  1. ThorrNikee says:

    i need this hangar only, can you help me?

  2. Mastr_Cz says:

    Jde to i na Novejší verze 🙂

  3. WarthogCC says:

    There are no seeders for either torrent. Can you seed this or host it somewhere please?

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